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Wellness Wednesday

Kick the habit of negative thinking. How to show up with a can-do attitude? Step one is noticing what negative soundtracks play in the background of the mind.  All humans have a cast of cautionary characters to advise us to play it safe, don’t put yourself out there, to hold back and avoid failure. Spend 45 minutes exploring this topic to discover your own gremlins that sabotage your energy and creativity. Kick the habit of following the downers to find a new path freed up from negativity. How?     Notice your thoughts, name the negative players, and return to the present moment. Sign up by June 11th

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1:30 PM13:30

Parkinson's Group: Educational Talk on Inbrija for Off Periods

Dacy Reimer, PA from Lakeshore Neuroscience will share information on Inbrija.  Inbrija is a new inhaler therapy for off periods for people taking Carbidopa/Levodopa to treat Parkinson’s disease.  Light snacks, coffee and tea will be served. Literature on the talk is available at the Senior Center prior to the meeting.


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