Service Spotlight: Joyce

Hello, I am Madison and I’m one of the newest volunteers at the Stoughton Senior Center. You may not see me as much as the other volunteers because I’m more behind the scenes. I’m really excited to start a new piece in the newsletter called the “Service Spotlight” and I need your help! I’m looking for some volunteers to interview for the piece. This gives the seniors an opportunity to know more about you. It’s easy: we’ll meet up, have a conversation and then I’ll write up the article. I’m starting this project with myself to show you how it will work.

Choosing an Elder Law or Estate Planning Attorney who is Familiar with Medicaid Laws

Elder law is a legal specialty area focused on the specific legal needs of older adults. Elder law attorneys have a wide variety of expertise with trust and estate planning, Medicare, Social Security, retirement, guardianships, health and long-term care planning, public benefits including Medicaid, and many other legal issues affecting older adults.