Service Spotlight: Madison

Hello, I am Madison and I volunteer for the Stoughton Area Senior Center. You may not see me as much as the other volunteers because I’m more behind the scenes. I was asked to be the first to be interviewed for the Center’s “Service Spotlight.” Here’s my response:


Question #1: Why did you choose to volunteer with the Stoughton Senior Center?
Answer: My husband and I recently moved to Stoughton from Indiana. While job hunting I knew I wanted to volunteer. I met the volunteer coordinator Charlene at a fundraising event for the Senior Center and the rest is history. 

Question #2: Why do you volunteer?
Answer: I first fell in love with volunteering when I worked at an animal shelter in Arkansas.    Certain organizations wouldn’t be as awesome as they are without volunteers. If I have skills that can help make a great organization even better, then why wouldn’t I volunteer? I have a history in journalism, so I’m really hoping my writing/media skills can benefit the Senior Center. And of course, what else is better in life than helping others?

Question #3: What are some of your interests outside of volunteering?
Answer: I love dancing. I danced ballet, tap, jazz, modern and much more leading up to college. I still enjoy taking dance lessons whenever or wherever I can!